The view from the other shore

24 Aug

Hi all (three of you reading this), I’m the girlfriend, here to guest-post this episode, er, entry. According to Angel dearest, there are some things I say that may or may not be workable into comedic bits, but that would never sound right coming out of his mouth, due to his gender. But I’m going to pretend that it’s his way of saying my peculiar way of looking at/phrasing things loses something in translation (and that he’s not strong-arming me into writing thisHELP).

The comment in question at the moment went something like this:

As a woman, I would never buy condoms to keep in my purse or around my room. Not because I’m stingy, but because that path is laden with pitfalls. It’s like a man buying a woman lingerie; you can’t be sure what exact size to get, so you’re probably going to get it wrong. If it’s too small, you’re saying she’s fat. If it’s too big, you’re saying she has no curves. Similarly, if the condoms are too large, you make the guy feel inadequate, and if they’re too small, you’re saying he looks like a guy with a small dick. There’s no way to win. So instead of condoms, I just carry some plastic wrap and a tape measure.


2 Responses to “The view from the other shore”

  1. Aubrey 08/24/2010 at 1:32 am #

    I love you. Marry me. It’s legal here.

    • razareil 08/24/2010 at 3:05 am #

      Lol, unless they’ve legalized polygamy as well in the few months since I’ve left, you’re going to have to fight Angel for it. I still think you’d totally kick his ass, no offense to him.

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