They’re All Going to Laugh at You (via Going Going Gondelman)

16 Nov

Josh Gondelman is a comedian I met last summer while I lived briefly in Boston. He is already rather accomplished on the indy circuit, winning the Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta this year and making it to the semi-finals of the Boston Comedy Festival. He also writes a blog, also on WordPress, and also using the Bueno template, so if you enjoy me, you will enjoy him.

I figure I’ll just make my blog more active much the same way I keep my Twitter feed active: Recycling other people’s better shit.

If you ask someone to enumerate his/her greatest fears, public speaking will likely appear near the top of the list.  Also, you will look like a creep.  Don't just go around asking people their greatest fears.  Even if you have a clipboard and/or digital voice recorder.  It's weird.  Weirdo. But still.  People are terrified to get up in front of their peers for any reason.  I know because they tell me all the time.  After finding out I'm a standu … Read More

via Going Going Gondelman


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