New set for 1-29-11

30 Jan

I’m posting this set less as a promotional “check out this awesome set I did” kind of thing, but more just to prove I’m still writing and to show it to anyone who’s interested. This was a show I did last night. There were a total of two actual audience members, but there were a bunch of comedians, enough that it felt like I was performing for a crowd.

The plus side was there were some comedians who haven’t really seen my act before, so for them they were basically audience members and not just people gritting their teeth through jokes they’ve heard a million times waiting for their turn on stage. Thus, the laughter, I think, was genuine, and if I can impress other comics, even better, because they have a more discriminating taste.

Stuff that’s new: Pretty much the entire first half of the video. The stuff about me looking like Jesus is a teensy bit hacky but it’s always easy to open with the mot obvious stuff about how you look. The wrestling stuff came from a little bit more visceral of a place. I had come up with the nucleus of the bit just ranting off-stage to a friend of mine, and just sat down and wrote around that nucleus, addressing a lot of feelings I’ve had about being a wrestler in high school and male-on-male intimacy.

What’s improved: The ugly people bit is pretty much the same, except I did the truncated version with the callback ending and didn’t segue into my bit about the only thing girls want from guys is a pair of arms and a wallet. My bit about food and racism has that new “that’s why you hate” line added in there just to add a little bit more interaction into my set.

What can be improved: God DAMMIT I stutter too much, and I rely too much on the word “like,” which is something my parents have nagged me about since high school. I am a little static onstage, but my style isn’t that high energy, so I don’t think that’s too important.

What I liked: I hope I can turn the phrase “hate boner” into a more widely used thing.

I’ve gotten up to about 10 minutes of solid workable material. I hope to get the chance to try this set in front of a real audience and really hammer it out because there’s a lot more potential and room to work on these premises. They’re personal and unique to me, so I think I’m finally mining out my own comic voice.


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