2 Mar

I’ve been trying to spend more of my free time writing script-type things, especially comedy sketches/short films, since a “sketch packet” is apparently a very necessary part of a comedy writer’s portfolio. Because I have no sense of when it is or isn’t appropriate to disseminate work that may have an impact of my professional life to the public, here they go on my blog.

The Graduation

End Of the Road

Yes, I know, I keep forgetting to exclude the title page when saving to a PDF in Final Draft. Sue me.

I realize both of these have to do with suicide in some form or the other, but please believe me when I say I’m doing fine. I just have an increasing predilection for dark humor, and I think being able to laugh at suicide keeps you from doing it.

Hey, also, by the way, don’t steal my shit. I know I only have, like, twenty readers and it might not be that big of a problem, but it’s just advanced warning, since uploading it here to WordPress automatically dates it, etc. etc.


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