10 Mar


Remember a few posts back when I said I would be starting up a podcast a few posts back? Amazingly, despite the fact my brain loves to come up with excuses to keep from bringing distracting things like progress and activity into my life, that was a word I kept.

A few months ago, I found Alex, another comedian, who has quickly become one of my best friends in New York because we both love all the same things and have used that as a justification to cling to each other like we clung to so many of the women who subsequently rejected us. The thought of doing a podcast had entered my mind around the same time because I have become obsessed with comedy podcasts so much that I literally have earbuds on any time it’s not imperative I interact with another human being. Alex seemed like such a natural partner because of our similar sensibilities and influences, and after a long, sensual courtship process, it happened.

At the time this blog post gets published, the first episode won’t be uploaded yet, but keep checking back, as it should be in the next couple of days.

**WARNING**, though, if you’re someone who gets offended easily (although naming my blog “Gay Muslim Abortion” was kind of meant to be the first line of defense against people like that), or if you have certain sensitivities regarding specific words, don’t listen. Alex and I tend to not have very many boundaries on language, being comedians, but although we use “offensive” words with a clearly ironic and humorous intent, some people feel like some words shouldn’t be used at all, even if it is to laugh at them, and act that takes away their power.

These people may call themselves “socially conscious.” I call these people “joyless.”

I do, however, respect people’s rights to have those opinions, and I realize I’m not going to change their minds no matter how much I argue, so I just implore you, if you have that kind of sensitivity, don’t listen, so we can preserve our friendship, however tenuous it may be since you already saw the blog’s title.

Somehow, I feel like even with this warning, someone’s going to get angry. In fact, I’m sure someone will see the warning and deliberately listen anyway just because the internet LOVES a good reason to get angry. Hell, ANY reason to get angry, good or not!

In other words, Dad, you don’t want to send this to your co-workers.

Of course, I will continue to keep updating this blog, even with the podcast, because not everything can be fit into just one medium, and god dammit I want to make myself into a product that you will consume CONSTANTLY. Eat up, my chubby little gluttons, eat up.


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