More podcast news!

17 Mar

Here are some more developments for The A/A Meeting, my weekly podcast with Alex Fossella:

1) We’re finally up on iTunes! You can search for The A/A Meeting in the iTunes store, or simply click on this link:
Subscribe and carry us around on your iPods, like you already carry us in your hearts.  Write us a good review, too, it helps other people find us so we can get exposure, indecent or otherwise.

2) This week we’ll be having a special guest on the podcast! Mr. Alex Edelman is a comedian and NYU junior who is probably more well-travelled than most of his peers. He has done comedy in Boston, L.A, New York, and most interestingly, Jerusalem! We’re going to ask him what it’s like to crack jokes in the Holy Land and talk to him about how his globe-trotting informs his joke-wrought-ing.

So subscribe and check out this week’s podcast, because it’s AAA certified! Alex, Angel… and Alex… get it? I hope you get it. Otherwise you’re just holding up the whole process and everyone is busy and has other things to do, and now you’re just ruining their whole day with your slowness.

You inconsiderate fuck.



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