The A/A Meeting #26 – Reid Faylor/Anthony Treadway

14 Sep

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We’re back AGAIN! Now that Alex recovered from his cold, we’re pumping out new episodes of the A/A Meeting faster than a pro-life family pumps out future atheists!

This episode is fun. Pure fun. We have the long-awaited return of our old friend Reid Faylor, and this time we actually get to talk to him about his life, specifically his day job making perfumes, and how they use devices that sound like they were invented by Care Bears villains. Of course, as it always does with Reid, it devolves into the same kind of bizarre psychosis it did before. Listen and find out.

Also, as an additional treat, my new roommate, Anthony Treadway, hung out with us and sat in on the podcast. He’s a musician primarily, but he has some pretty cool ideas about art in general. Him being there, we get to try and answer the question “What kind of music does our comedy sound like/what kind of comedy does our music sound like?”


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