The A/A Meeting #31 – Gaby Dunn

6 Nov

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While most people go out of their way to avoid and ignore the unfamiliar, this week’s guest endeavored to dive into it head-first. This week we have Gaby Dunn, who is an improviser and stand-up comedian, but whose major work right now is “100 Interviews,” a project whose basic premise was to write a list of the 100 kinds of people she had never met before, track them down, and interview them. We discuss the journey of discovery  taken through the project, how it got started, and where it’s headed (spoiler alert: BOOK DEAL!). We also take a little time to discuss other aspects of her life, like what’s it like to be a comedian dating another comedian, and how she became really popular among those lovable Jews. We love Jews at the A/A Meeting!


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