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5 Apr
“Hey, Angel, let me know when you’re doing stand-up some time!”

“I post when I have a show on my Facebook and Twitter all the time. You’re obviously saying that just to be nice but you don’t really care.”

“No, you asshole, let me know more than a day ahead of time so I can make plans like a reasonable person. But now I won’t come because you’re a spiteful, cynical twat.”

Here are all my gigs for the month of April. Four in New York, one in Boston. I’m giving you enough warning here you better have a good reason for not coming.

APRIL 3rd 8:00PM
Hosted by Brendan Eyre and Jim Tews
The Creek and the Cave
10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 

APRIL 8th 8:00PM
Hosted by Nathan Rand and Jessica Faller
Luca Lounge
222 Avenue B, Manhattan, NY  

APRIL 16th 8:00PM
Hosted by Neil Thornton and Frank Liotti
Rock Bar
185 Christopher Street, Manhattan, NY

APRIL 17th 8:30PM
Hosted by Todd Montesi
Mug Lounge
446 East 13 St, Manhattan, NY

APRIL 20th 7:30PM
With Josh Potter
116 MacDougal
116 MacDougal St, Manhattan, NY

APRIL 26th 8:00PM
Hosted by Rick Jenkins
The Comedy Studio
1238 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 


Where you can see me the next few weeks

13 Sep

Hey guys, you know what I don’t use this blog for enough? Shameless self promotion! The whole Google Calendar RSS feed I have at the bottom of my blog isn’t very helpful, so here’s a list of the things you can see me do, and the places and times you can see me do them for the next month or so:


9/21-9/24 & 9/28-10/1Wednesday through Saturday @ 8pm with a 3pm performance on 10/1: I’ll be performing in the short play WRESTLETALK as part of “WHAT I MEANT WAS… The Odd, Short-ish Plays of Vinnie Marano.”
This will be at Manhattan Theater Source, 177 MacDougal Street, Between Washington Square North & W. 8th street. Tickets are $18, and you can go to or call 212-260-4698 for more info.

9/26, 8PM: Doing stand-up at Alibi Lounge, 116 Macdougal St (Between Bleeker St and West 3rd Street), Manhattan. Free admission!

10/8 9:30 PM: Doing stand-up at Underground Asylum at the Limerick House pub, 69 W 23rd St
(between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas), Manhattan. Free admission!

10/9 8PM: Doing stand-up at Invitation to a Beheading at Luca Lounge, 222 Avenue B (between East 13th and East 14th Street), Manhattan. Free admission!

10/14 7:30 PM: Stand-up at the Pregame Comedy Show, also at Luca Lounge. Free admission!

10/22 8:00 PM: More stand-up at Get Lucky at O’Hanlon’s, 349 E 14th St, right on 1st avenue, Manhattan. Also free! I’ve been to this bar so many times I have the address memorized!


Well, that’s it for now. If you have any intention of seeing my in the near future, use this as a reference sheet, and maybe I won’t post so many annoying self-promotional tweets.




The A/A Meeting Episode 9 – Erik Bergstrom

1 May


Wine me, dine me, episode nine me! We have officially tied Tim Warner’s Joker in the Rye for number of total podcast episodes. The gauntlet has been THROWN, Warner!

With us today is author, illustrator, and, of course, comedian, Erik Bergstrom, whose book “Grimmer Tales” is out in book stores everywhere. We talk about the book, his creative origins, monetizing your art, and since the episode was recorded on Good Friday, we talk a little more about religion and faith.

When we get to the Punchline Graveyard, we see that Erik writes a scary amount and fills his notebook with a ridiculous number of jokes on a daily basis. See for yourself!

Keynoted, Captain (via Second Person Shooter)

11 Mar

I know I list them in my blog roll, but I really don’t think I could do enough to express appreciation for Second Person Shooter, the blog run by two of my former classmates, Kent Sutherland and comedienne Laura Michet, both writers who have been featured on websites like Kotaku, published in magazines, and seen in other various repositories for information and commentary on video games and digital media.

Their blog discusses all facets of gaming and digital culture from many different angles, and here’s a post that specifically addresses the problem of unified gamer culture and how there is still a clear gender bias. However, Laura’s writing deals with it in a direct and honest way that doesn’t get wrapped up in sanctimony and pretentious academic language. Please, you’re doing a favor to yourself and the internet by reading and sharing the blog to other people.

I, in no way, am actively engaged in any kind of collaboration with Laura or Kent right now, so this is not an act of indirect self-promotion. I am sincerely impressed and overjoyed by the combination of intellectual stimulation and entertainment this blog is, and need to make more people see it.

Keynoted, Captain Kent and I are going to PAX East. Last year, I attended without really knowing what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised by the experience—PAX is a very well-run con. This year, we’re going again, and so that I can enjoy the experience, I’m deliberately ignoring everything asinine that the PA guys have done over the past six months. This isn’t the first time that the jolly old internet has pardoned its own for offensive ignorance, and it won’t … Read More

via Second Person Shooter

The Lazy American (via Going Going Gondelman)

7 Dec

Basically, guys, the only other blog I read regularly on WordPress is Josh Gondelman’s. He is so fantastic I will force him to ghost-write my blog by just re-blogging his posts until I wallow in a Scrooge McDuck-like tub filled with Gondel-goodness. READ!

The Lazy American People are often surprised to learn that I am a pretty fluent Spanish speaker.  Well, often is the wrong word.  Because I don't tell people all that much.  I write songs and teach basic Spanish vocabulary to the four-year-olds at my school, but I don't let that information slip out around peers very often.  It's not modesty or relevance that keeps me from … Read More

via Going Going Gondelman