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Angel Castillo — The Comedy Studio 4-26-12

28 Apr

Went to the Comedy Studio again last Thursday. My set was kind of “meh,” but that night was really lightly attended. Out of the three rows of tables in the club, only one was filled, so I couldn’t benefit from the energy of a full room, but at least people were listening and responding, and it does kind of pick up near the end. We’ll see how I fare next month.

Oh, you can hear the host, Rick Canavan, saying “he was disappointed” in himself, but it cuts off him saying that he was disappointed because he didn’t try to touch my dick as I got off stage.


Video: Getting Dirty at Rock Bar 2-6-12

12 Feb

Dad, unless you want to hear some stories of a personal nature, I suggest you sit this one out. Not saying I’m afraid of you listening, just saying YOU might not find it comfortable.

Yeah, there’s a new chunk of stuff that I’m working on that can be described as “sordid tales from my recent past,” and it all started one weekend when I got drunk with Alex and told him a bunch of these stories, which he thought were even funnier than what I had been doing on stage, so, of course, he urged me to make it part of my act.

The thought had crossed my mind before, but I was always afraid of being too uncomfortable to say stuff that personal on stage, or even worse, making my audience really uncomfortable instead. However, I’ve learned that the only way you get better as a comedian is to confront the awkward and uncomfortable and force yourself to own it. I actually had an interesting experience where I went to an open mike I hadn’t gone to in a while, and when I started doing all of this new material, not only did it get laughs, but one of the regulars had this amused look of incredulity on his face, like he didn’t expect this to be coming out of my mouth. It made me feel like I was growing up, after a fashion.

This set is at Rock Bar on a show run by Neil Thornton and Frank Liotti, two comics who like me way more than I deserve. I figured a gay bar on Christopher Street was as good a place as any to risk going dirty, and I think the audience agreed. Added bonus of this video is there’s no music blasting in the background to ruin the sound quality.

My triumphant RETURN to Public Access Cable!

1 Feb

Video courtesy of Brooklyn Independent Television, a community media program of BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn

If you remember last year, some people from Brooklyn Independent Television did a segment about my grad program, describing how it works and how it came about. Now it’s a year later, and they decided to film a sequel segment during our week-long production intensive at the beginning of the month. I’m going to try and write a little more in-depth of a post about this experience later on (since I’m still recovering), but this gives you a good general idea of how it happened, and you get to see just HOW DAMN GOOD I am at being a talking head!

First new stand-up video in a while

11 Dec

This is not that great of a video. The image and sound quality is poor, the sound especially being drowned out by the music playing in the other room of the bar. I don’t get that many laughs, because this set was performed in front of an audience of two Austrian tourists and the other comics that were booked on the show.

But I’m posting it anyway, for a couple of reasons. Primarily, I have not posted a new video of stand-up since August, and a lot of the previous videos have had big chunks of overlap in the material. I’ve been writing a lot and just wanted some evidence that I have been doing so, and this is about 8 minutes of totally new stuff, save for my dependable opener. Whether it’s good or not, I have made some attempt to create.

Secondarily, it was a fun set, because the two audience members that were there were there to enjoy it. At the beginning of the show, there was a total of six audience members, but four of them had left by the time I got up, even though the previous comedians were great guys who I think are hilarious (former podcast guests Dave Waite and Mo Diggs among them), so perhaps it was best I didn’t have to deal with the ones who were going to be overly critical. The Austrians were young, and even though they weren’t laughing very loud, they were very PHYSICAL in their appreciation, as in broad smiles and gestures of approval, so they were giving me energy that allowed me to put some passion into my performance.

Tertiarily, videos like this are a good way to document just how much shit you have to fight through as a stand-up comic just to do what you want to do before you get famous. The bar knows full well there’s a comedy show going on, yet they don’t turn the music down any while it’s happening, so we all had to fight through that, and, despite the low audience turn-out, I had to find the motivation to give a shit and work on my material. I decided to care, and in the end, even though I didn’t kill in front of an audience of hundreds, I ended up entertaining two people who will hopefully count me among their pleasant memories of their trip to America.

Also, as I do say at the beginning of the video, and this is the Ivy League snob in me coming through, I particularly enjoy performing for English-speaking non-Americans, because I myself (as you will see in my material about Occupy Wall Street, Wal-Mart, and the way lawmakers treat women) don’t necessarily have the best opinion of my own country (although I cherish it giving me the freedoms to hold those opinions), and with that kind of audience I don’t run the risk of alienating any jingoists with my criticism.

A now for a musical interlude.

14 Nov

Sometimes I go on stage and do things that aren’t comedy. Karaoke, specifically, is one of my big loves. My girlfriend, an equal karaoke fanatic, found a karaoke night at this music venue called Arlene’s Grocery in SoHo, where they have karaoke performed by a live band (so, technically not karaoke, since “karaoke” comes from the Japanese words meaning “empty orchestra”), so I had to exploit this chance to be a musical attention whore.

I figure my fans (or just Dad) might appreciate a video of me having some fun.

Easiest way to not get embarrassed at karaoke? Pick a song that you can SCREAM instead of sing!