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The A/A Meeting #34 – Mo Diggs

1 Dec

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This week we have Mo Diggs, a comedian I actually hadn’t had the chance to talk to a lot before, but the conversation really enlightened me about his dealings with drug abuse, growing up Muslim and coping with religion (and I don’t manage to drag the conversation down into over-academic Professor Podcast territory about ethnicity, either!), and his dealings with other comedians and the comedy scene in general. We get into some meat about his writing process, and then make dick jokes about Beatles songs! We only take one segment break this episode because the conversation just kept going, so listen and be entertained.


A now for a musical interlude.

14 Nov

Sometimes I go on stage and do things that aren’t comedy. Karaoke, specifically, is one of my big loves. My girlfriend, an equal karaoke fanatic, found a karaoke night at this music venue called Arlene’s Grocery in SoHo, where they have karaoke performed by a live band (so, technically not karaoke, since “karaoke” comes from the Japanese words meaning “empty orchestra”), so I had to exploit this chance to be a musical attention whore.

I figure my fans (or just Dad) might appreciate a video of me having some fun.

Easiest way to not get embarrassed at karaoke? Pick a song that you can SCREAM instead of sing!