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Angel Castillo — The Comedy Studio 4-26-12

28 Apr

Went to the Comedy Studio again last Thursday. My set was kind of “meh,” but that night was really lightly attended. Out of the three rows of tables in the club, only one was filled, so I couldn’t benefit from the energy of a full room, but at least people were listening and responding, and it does kind of pick up near the end. We’ll see how I fare next month.

Oh, you can hear the host, Rick Canavan, saying “he was disappointed” in himself, but it cuts off him saying that he was disappointed because he didn’t try to touch my dick as I got off stage.


The A/A Meeting #41 – Josh Gondelman

7 Mar

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I had been waiting for this to happen for a while, but we finally got Josh Gondelman on the podcast! We talk about moving to New York from Boston, the great cavalcade of characters that was the Sally O’Brien’s open mike in Somerville, the other side of the story about how he and Gaby Dunn started dating and what that was like, working with children, and farts. Lots and lots of farts.

 Buy his album, “Everything’s The Best,” on iTunes right here!

Sorry that each episode is taking so long to go up, now, but let’s face it, this podcast is trudging towards an ignominious death.

New set: ImprovBoston 8-21-11

22 Aug

I’m pretty proud of myself that in the last three months, all of my taped sets have had some new material in them and I haven’t done ENTIRELY the same routine twice. This video has some new bits, one of them actually one I actually wrote a long time ago and just never threw into my regular stage rotation.

This show went really well, but it was also a show where another comedian got a big laugh off a joke about gender-neutral pronouns, so that shows the kinds of rooms I seem to work best in.

Everyone who knew me when I started out in Boston two years ago who sees me now says I’m miles better than I was then, and I think I know the core reason why: When I first started out, I was concerned with just writing jokes. Boston comedians tend to be very strong joke writers, very tight and polished and clever. Moving to New York, I saw a real shift away from just jokes and more emphasis on linking some kind of visceral feeling into what you say onstage, sort of making the comedy an act of sharing and engaging on a deep emotional level beyond the joke, and I had a real sink-or-swim reaction to that which caused me to shift my writing style, which I think I’ve started to really enjoy and thrive with.

The best example on this video is the cell phone bit. That came out of a 100% real experience, and my frustration in the situation is 100% real, and I think it comes through, and that’s why it works so well. Alex likes that bit a lot and says I should try and write more jokes like that that let my actual feelings come out.

Hopefully the fact that my new material has been playing so well in Boston bodes well for my attempt to enter this year’s Boston Comedy Festival, but we will see.

New set: Comedy Studio 8-7-11

10 Aug

This is probably going to be my last set at the Studio for a while. Since the Fall is gonna get busy for me. This time, since I had done pretty well with my last two sets and had gotten those few minutes of material down, I actually wanted to take some time and try some new stuff in front of a real audience and work it out, “sweat a little” as you might say. While it didn’t crush like my last set, I feel like it was a fun time.

If you’re curious, that’s a gin and tonic I brought up with me on stage, only because I hadn’t finished it yet. I’m edgy!

After the show, actually a couple came up to me and said, “Nice intellectual jokes!” which I couldn’t tell at first if they were being sarcastic or not, but they assured me they were serious. Then, later, another person came up, told me he recognized me from last month, and said he was surprised that I did all new material and thought I was going to do the same jokes, and he appreciated the effort.

If anything, that exemplifies the thing I really like about the Comedy Studio audiences over any other audience: they’re people who go out looking for something sophisticated and they appreciate the craft of comedy. That’s why I always like going back there, even if it means a 5-hour bus ride.

New video! Comedy Studio 7-10-11

11 Jul

Hello fans and followers. Last night I went up to Boston again to ingratiate myself with the Harvard Square liberals. Judging by the reaction in this video, I think it worked.