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The A/A Meeting #39 – Frank Liotti

29 Jan

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I’m becoming more of a fan of Alex’s pithy (yet sometimes syntactically challenged) episode descriptions on our Libsyn page, so I’ll just copy/paste:

“Frank Liotti in studio. We talk Yale drama school, the art of acting, and getting acting notes from a washed up rapper. Angel really wants to talk about gay stuff. And because Alex is there, theres a 10 minute chunk about death.”

Yes, I admit it, the politics of race/gender/sexuality interest me way more than most other people, but since this is a stand-up comedy podcast and not “Liberal Arts Fancy Talk with Michelle Foucault,” we managed to keep it reigned in and mainly discuss the pathos of being a professional entertainer. I’ve been waiting a LONG time to do an episode with Frank, who’s one of my favorite comedians in New York, and he did not disappoint.


The A/A Meeting #34 – Mo Diggs

1 Dec

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Can you Digg it? (I already regret that, don’t worry)

This week we have Mo Diggs, a comedian I actually hadn’t had the chance to talk to a lot before, but the conversation really enlightened me about his dealings with drug abuse, growing up Muslim and coping with religion (and I don’t manage to drag the conversation down into over-academic Professor Podcast territory about ethnicity, either!), and his dealings with other comedians and the comedy scene in general. We get into some meat about his writing process, and then make dick jokes about Beatles songs! We only take one segment break this episode because the conversation just kept going, so listen and be entertained.

The A/A Meeting #25 – Tim Warner

11 Sep

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Back during episode 9, the gauntlet was thrown, and now it has been picked up. Tim Warner, host of The Joker In The Rye podcast, finally joins us in the studio (apartment) to talk with us. This isn’t one of our jokier episodes, because we spend a lot of time really getting down to the nitty gritty about Tim’s life, how comedy played in how he dealt with his, at times, turbulent life, and ultimately what his philosophy of comedy is. We also talk about drugs, Lenny Bruce, conspiracy theories, and just about life in general. We had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope you enjoy listening!



The A/A Meeting #17 – Brian Jian

27 Jun

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Get ready for a heavy dose of Long Island Iced B (yes, I have no shame), as this week we have Brian Jian on the podcast. We talk about him, why he’s so damn cute, Asians in tv and film, comedy influences on all of us, finding our voices, drugs, and why there will never be another Andy Kaufman before we salute the departed in the Punchline Graveyard. I also learn that, in Chinese, Brian’s last name is actually “Jiang,” so I had been pronouncing it wrong when I thought I was pronouncing it properly. FRUSTRATION!

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