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The A/A Meeting #44 – Katherine Williams

2 Apr

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Note: At the beginning of the episode we’re commenting on a painting in Alex’s apartment done by his grandfather of a woman on a bicycle.
We get dirty on this one. Katherine and Angel talk a lot about sex, and Alex gets uncomfortable with how into it Angel gets (not “into it” in a creepy way, but in an overenthusiastic, “hirsuit Dr. Ruth with bigger tits” way).  We talk relationships, vibrators, going to Catholic school, responding to sexist heckles, and balls balls BALLS! Listen to this one with the lights down low and a few candles.


The A/A Meeting #30 – Ryan Conner

15 Oct

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Greetings once again, sponsors, or whatever it is we call our fans (besides “Calvin”). This week we welcome comedian and SNL Weekend Update contributor Ryan Conner to the podcast. We spend a bit of time talking about how he managed to get the SNL gig, and perhaps a considerably larger amount of time talking road stories, as Ryan has plenty of tales about awkward college performances and doing the Catholic school circuit. We also finally become aware of a pattern that happens with our guests on the show that can be described in three stages:

1. Guest feels compelled to describe Alex’s apartment, either how spacious and well-furnished it is or how messy it is.

2. We talk about comedy.

3. It slips out that Alex is a virgin and the guest feels compelled to discuss it.

Listen in and witness the destructive patterns repeat themselves for your enjoyment!