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Angel Castillo — The Comedy Studio 4-26-12

28 Apr

Went to the Comedy Studio again last Thursday. My set was kind of “meh,” but that night was really lightly attended. Out of the three rows of tables in the club, only one was filled, so I couldn’t benefit from the energy of a full room, but at least people were listening and responding, and it does kind of pick up near the end. We’ll see how I fare next month.

Oh, you can hear the host, Rick Canavan, saying “he was disappointed” in himself, but it cuts off him saying that he was disappointed because he didn’t try to touch my dick as I got off stage.


The A/A Meeting Episode 12 – Sarah Maywalt

25 May

Download on iTunes here

For those of you who’ve known me a while, you know that LGBT advocacy is one of my pet causes, which is why I was waiting to do this particular interview. Sarah Maywalt is a male to female transsexual comedian, and we get a little peak into her journey through life dealing with her gender identity, how others perceive her, and how she perceives herself.

We also get into a more general discussion about self-censorship, the power of words, and why there should be no words a comedian “can’t” use. But it’s not all serious, as we spend a little bit of time making fun of Alex’s bad handwriting when Sarah tries to decipher one of his old notebooks. Enjoy!